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Fis - Patupaiarehe

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Totally Wired: November 7, 2020

Frankie Reyes - Ven Mamacita
alexa casino - Stars feat. WOMB
Reb Fountain - Hey Mom
Lontalius - Dialtone feat. Quiet Luke
Helado Negro - Lotta Love [Neil Young Cover]
Reptaliens - Do You Know?
Eggy - HAL 9000
Mourn - I'm in Trouble
Smarts - Individuality
Na Noise - Waiting For You
Cong Josie - Leather Whip
Cunk - Futurism
Molchat Doma - Discoteque
NahBo - Force
cktrl - robyn
Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood - Tha Wicked Shall Not Prevail [Live]
Yada Yada - Cosmic Revolution
Lunch Money Life - Living3000
Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers - Maze of Sounds
Saigon Soul Revival - Nào Ta Cùng Hát [Patchworks Jazz Mix]
Glenn Astro - Elysia feat. Ajnascent
Xyla - Narcissus
Oneohtrix Point Never - Long Road Home
Ela Minus - megapunk
Aphir - Give You One feat. Sandy Hsu
Emmanuelle - Ice Storm
dj blackpower - Power!
Chester Watson - Atlantis feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis
CASSOWARY - Starlife feat. Roc Marciano and Stove God Cooks
Ausecuma Beats - Cherie
Swordman Kitala - Malanga Ja
Jarina De Marco - Ilegales feat. Dylan Brady
Stinger J - Pretty Face [12" inch version]
Koji Ono - Ricochet
Hajime Yoshizawa - Endless Bow
Jayda G - Are U Down [Kootenay Klub Mix]
Sen Morimoto - Wrecked feat. NNAMDï
Lapis - Blue In Orange
Lapis - Why am I still scared to share?
Lapis - So
Lapis - Andalusia feat. Nikolai
dharmarat - Nahyo!