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Totally Wired: November 23rd 2019

Ron Gallipoli - Hearteater (Waltz for Andre)
Bill Callahan - If You Could Touch Her At All (Lee Clayton cover)
Leonard Cohen - Happens To The Heart
Phoebe Bridgers - Georgia Lee (Tom Waits cover)
James Blackshaw - Why Keep Still?
Islet - Good Grief
Soccer Mommy - Yellow Is The Colour Of Her Eyes
Haz & Miloux - Down (feat. Spycc)
Girl - Show Me More
Take A Day Trip - Lighthouse (feat. ICECOLDBISHOP, Rico Nasty & slowthai)
SASAMI - Little Drummer Boy
King Krule - Perfecto Miserable
King Krule - Alone Omens
King Krule - Don't Let The Dragon Dra'ag On
King Krule - Energy Fleets
Obongjayar - Still Sun
Pierre Kwenders - Gbadolite
Angel-Ho - Chaos
Church & AP - Icarus
J$E - 3XL (Prod Dera Meelan)
Baker Boy - Meditjin (Feat. JessB)
Sarah Harmer - New Low
Salad Boys - Onwards And Downwards
Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Our Quiet Whisper
DROOR - The Plight
Sudan Archives - Coming Up
Deaton Chris Anthony - Sircles
Vegyn - You Owe Me
Cleophus & Lightskinjohn - BEASTLY BANQUET
bonny light horseman - Jane Jane
Bill Callahan - So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen cover)