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Totally Wired: May 25th, 2019 (NZMM Special)

The Naenae Express - Hello Clouds
SJD - Lava Lamp
Bene - Evil Spider
Lucky Boy^ - If everyone's at ease, I'm pleased
Bad Timing - Tui
The Spectre Collective - Seance Fiction
Lawrence Arabia - People Are Alright
Dbldbl x Trapjaw Kelpie - Nurse Joy
SJD - Hide Your Brain
Kruff Kurtis - Ancestor
Alphabethead - The Whirly Dirly Rock Conspiracy
Goodwin & Kyle - I'm Not Fucking Around
milk - Pouring Salt
Go Nuclear - Necrophilia
NOXO - Eat Hot Lead
DOG Power - Not Human
Dog Power - Come Back To Paris
Contenders - Attract/Repel
Repairs - Thanks for the Advice
Blame Thrower - Best Friend
BIB KIDS - Intro (DRTY) - Gimp Software
P.H.F. - leasher*
Long Distance Runner - The First Lie
Earth Tongue - Microscopic God
Ounce - Eat Yer Greens
Te Huhu - Emily
Cleophus - Chemicools (Feat. Ryan Hendriks)
Diggy Dupe - The Hill
Schofield Strangelove - LONELY
Roidz - Fanta
L V J & Trapjaw Kelpie - Where Did You Hide Your Wings
Repulsive Woman - Rough Around the Edges
i.e. Crazy - Country Justice
Francisca Griffen - In The Woods
Aldous Harding - Heaven is Empty
MELODOWNZ - Kava & Herbs
Ben Woods - Romancy
Lontalius - Sleep Thru Ur Alarms