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Totally Wired: May 22, 2021

Kane Strang - Warping in the Sun
Troy Kingi - Call My Name
pickle darling - Achieve Lift
P.H.F. - Slur [Unplugged]
Roy Irwin - The Comedian
Jazmine Mary - Fool
Zero Cool - covers of sex and candy
Merk - American Parties
The Zenmenn - The Magic Eye
Sheep, Dog & Wolf - Could've
Short Chain - Kill Bees Burn Trees
autocell - Glint
Kraus - Infinite Wishes
The Bryn van Vliet Quartet - The Way You Smiled At Me
Kōtiro - Puti's Maunga
Kōtiro - All the Little Birds
Jordan Rakei - Lover, You Should’ve Come Over [Jeff Buckley Cover]
Mara TK - Grew up inna Chaos feat. 2MY
Downstairs People - Some Music
The Bard - Mask [slightly less explicit version]
Kedu Carlo, Elizaveta Novichok - Let's Get To It (Давай займемся этим)
Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable - Te Puke Thunder
Kaishandao - To the East Coast
Ludus - Next Thoughts
Yvois - Muppet
Amamelia - So Good [Go Nuclear Remix]
Mokotron - DAWN OF BASS
ABG - jazz breaks holes
Dera Meelan & DeadForest - No Phones
bb gurl - msn ur luv feat. AP & Tei [Club Mix]
Lontalius - Faint
Lontalius - Someone Will Be There For You
Lontalius - Dialtone feat. Quiet Luke
Lontalius - Carousel
Lontalius - I Walked Right Into It
Soul Levasā - 64 Ls
Cleophus - Desensitized [Produced by Christoph El' Truento]