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Four Tet - Parallel 2

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Totally Wired: May 2, 2020

Womb - Used To Be
Sweet Whirl - Patterns Of Nature
Johanna Warren - Rose Potion
Big Thief - Love in Mine
Bedouine - The Hum [Margo Guryan Cover]
Gia Margaret - apathy
SMOOT - Something In The Way
Fat Earthers - Social Distancing
CB Radio Gorgeous - Decline
Petey & Miya Folick - California (Prius Edition)
Jonathan Bree - In The Sunshine
Cléa Vincent - Sans Dec
Khruangbin - Time (You and I) [Radio Edit]
ARTHUR - No Tengo
King Sweeties - Let's Just Stay In Bed
serpentwithfeet - Psychic
Tasha - But There's Still The Moon
Lamont Butler - Ungodly War
Glen David Andrews Band - Southern Nights
Onyx Collective - Getting to Know You feat. Okay Kaya, Julian Soto
44th Move - Fly
Myele Manzanza - Henya (For Gretchen & Ambrose)
Sneaks - Mars in Virgo
Church & AP - War Outside
Icarus - Lavender
Race Banyon - We Need It
Roza Terenzi - My Reality Cheque Bounced (feat. DJ Zozi)
Mongo Skato - Lock
Ela Minus - they told us it was hard, but they were wrong
Kraus - Dish of Silver Full of Blood
Deerhoof - Symphony #1
reb fountain - Hawks & Doves
reb fountain - Samson
reb fountain - Don't You Know Who I Am
reb fountain - Lighthouse
reb fountain - Quiet Like The Rain
Totems - Workin Wit