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Totally Wired: July 6th, 2019

Erin Durant - Rising Sun
Alessandro Cortini - Amore Amaro
Sulfate - Speaking for Others
Thou - In the Pines (Leadbelly cover)
Sanisibar - Liquid Programming
Lone - Abraxas
Nots - Floating Hand
Bonobo - Linked
Mikey Young - Billions Of Tears
Sui Zhen - Perfect Place
Tomorrows Tulips - Free Sex/Slow Assistance
Aporia - Psychic Driving
Pinky Pinky - Mr. Sunday
UV-TV - Happy
Mermaidens - I Might Disappear
Ty Segall - Radio
Terry - Bizzo And Tophat
Parsnip - Lift Off!
TV Blonde - Maybe Next Time
Repulsive Woman - Some Body
B Boys - Pressure Inside
Snail Mail - The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In The World
KAZU - Meo
Coucou Chloe - JUICY (feat. Shygirl)
JessB - Mood
Zed Kenzo - Dang
Denzel Curry - ZUU