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The KLF - What Time Is Love [Live at Trancentral]

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Totally Wired: December 21st 2019 [XMAS SPECIAL]

Roy Irwin - No Question
Te Huhu - Emily
Beatcomber - Double Visions
milk - Shellyvoid
alexa casino - Die Like A Rose feat. imugi 이무기
Purple Pilgrims - Ancestors Watching
Kraus - Flamingos in Snow
Stef Animal - The Garden
Christoph el Truento - UNDERSTAND???
Grandmaster Mahi - Buck Bumble VIP
Go Nuclear - Necrophilia
Church & AP - Arm + Leg
Leaping Tiger - Screw Face (feat Church & AP, JY Lee, Disciple Pati)
JessB - Time Out feat. Abdul Kay
K-Saba & Hone Be Good - Afroceylonica
Carnivorous Plant Society - Shopping Mall
SoccerPractise - Posture
Troy Kingi - Mighty Invader
christoph el' truento - pep's chant
Alphabethead - Eyes Of Nothing
Ounce - Dead Mirror
Earth Tongue - Astonishing Comet
BIB KIDS - Intro (DRTY) - Gimp Software
Queen Neptune - Edge of the Programmed World
Dick Move - Dick Move
TOOMS - Episodes
Roidz - Eyesore
Dad Jokes - Saw You On The Street
Guardian Singles - Tea Lights Exploding
Salad Boys - This Issue
Francisca Griffin - in the woods
Ron Gallipoli - Jamboree
Olumpus - How Does It Work?
The Echo Ohs - Fool
Mo Muse - Sleep Paralysis Interlude
Shiraz & LSJ - SPRiNtA
Dbldbl x Trapjaw Kelpie - Nurse Joy
The Leonard Simpson Duo - Nobody
Bailey Wiley - Zaddy
Kruff Kurtis - Absolutism
Aldous Harding - Weight of The Planets
Adelaide Cara & Repulsive Woman - Mary, I Think You Should Know