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The Scientists - Atom Bomb Baby

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The Two to Four with Liam: Friday March 09, 2018

Popstrangers - 1000
Rackets - Staple Guard
Leatherhead - Needles
The Coshercot Honeys - We're All Lions
Splashh - Headspins
City Newton Bombers - I've Been Waitin
Wax Chattels - Stay Disappointed
Bandicoot - Bessie
The Mint Chicks - Fat Gut Strut
Dear Time's Waste - And So I Was Returning
Jocee Tuck - Made To Be
Carnivorous Plant Society - Car Dance feat. Tiny Ruins
Lawrence Arabia - Solitary Guys
The Reduction Agents - Waiting for Your Love
No Aloha - Whole Wide World
Beatcomber - Sick Breeze
Whipping Cats - Lightning Savage Children
coyote888 - Tripping Up the Crystal Way
John Cooper Clarke - The It Man
Eilen Jewell - You Gonna Miss Me
Kane Strang - The Web
Trust Punks - Good Luck with That
Affsid Kidjhagiffy - Get The Fok Outta My Library
So So Modern - The Worst Is Yet To Come
Coco Solid - Crop That Back [Prod. Yumgod]
West Coast Bullies - I Want Bacon
Randa - Fashion
Spring Break - No Tengo Dinero
Golden Axe - Free Time
Disasteradio - Hotline