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The Swap Meet: Sunday 29 November 2020

Bobby Womack - If You Think You're Lonely Now
Wee - I'm All Changed
O'Bryan - Doin' Alright
Prime Time - I Owe It To Myself (Instrumental)
Evelyn Thomas - Heartless
Dee Edwards - Put Your Love On The Line
Spinners - Taking You Back
Quincy Jones - Is It Love That We're Missing
Bar-Kays - This Could Be The Night
James (D-Train) Williams - Misunderstanding
Fatback - Spread Love
Projection - I Don't Fake My Love
Chocolate Buttermilk Band - Head Games
Lee Kirton - Don't Wanna Wait
Michael Wycoff - You've Got It Coming
Mike And Brenda Sutton - We'll Make It
O'Bryan - Lovelite
Teena Marie - I'm A Sucker For Your Love
Herbie Hancock - Ready Or Not
Twennynine With Lenny White - Don't Look Back
Slave - Do You Like It (Girl)
Switch - You Pulled A Switch
The Blackbyrds - Don't Know What To Say
Tom Browne - Bye Gones
Jeff Lorber - Full Moon
Stanley Clarke - The Force Of Love
Midnight Star - Hold Out
Subway Ft. Wave - What's In The Dark (Will Come To Life)
The Time - I Don't Wanna Leave You
Slave - Don't You Be Afraid
Xavier - What Goes Around
Bernice Watkins - Let's Call It A Day