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The Swap Meet 31st May 2020

The Swap Meet is based around playing music created and played by African Americans - we may be half a world away - but we stand with those struggling for justice and to be free from racial persecution worldwide, but especially Minneapolis, and the USA. Guest host Jarrod Wright!

Ike White - Changin' Times
Prince - Dear Mr Man
APM Music - News Background A
Nautilus - Ain't no sunshine
Bobby Caldwell - Down for the third time
Marvin Gaye - Time to get together
George McCrae - I get lifted
Isley Brothers - Work to do
The Colours That Rise - Atmosphere Feat Jazmin Lacey
Busta Rhymes - Woo ha (Got you all in check)
Jan Hammer - Don't you know
Thom Janusz - Mithra Plane 2
Flako - Eluma Horns
James Pants - Brenda
Roy Ayers - Everybody
Ta Mara & The Seen - Affection
Cardo - Cardo's groove
Skylite - Boogie Butt
Jonny Tobin - Super Genesis
PAULA TAPE - Agua Congas
Troy Kingi - Predetermined Machine
Public Enemy - Fight The Power
Elkin & Nelson - Jibaro
Kate Bush - Running up that hill
Craig T Cooper - Nude walkin'
Childish Gambino - 19.10
The Gap Band - Burn Rubber on me
Jesse Gomez - Baby I'm Coming At you
Gregory Porter - 1960 What?
SAULT - Living in America
Terrance Trent D'Arby - Sign your name
Prince - The Future
Wagon Christ - Cris Chana
The Colours That Rise - Deep Space
The Isley Brothers - Fight the power
Kendrick Lamar - Alright