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Chicken I.D. - Lockdown Sucks Sometimes

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The Swap Meet 2 October 2022

This week we speak for the Trees, joined in studio by Avantdale Bowling Club's Tom Scott with a bunch of tree-themed tunes and cosy korero. The mighty Gene Rivers in the mix too!

Pharoah Sanders - You've got to have freedom
Pharoah Sanders - The creator has masterplan
Pharoah Sanders - Harvest time
Luiz Bonfa - Jacaranda
Tyler the creator - Treehouse95
Tom Scott - Sneakin in the back
Erykah Badu - Apple Tree
Hip Hop for Respect - A tree never grown
Renee Geyer - Sweet love
Keni Burke - Keep on singing
Sundown - Spaced out of place
Johny Dyani - Grandmother's teaching
Aretha Franklin - I love you
Fire Stairsteps - Tell me who
SAULT - We are the sun
Yazmin Lacey - Body needs healing
Puma Blue - Only trying 2
Sa-ra Creative Partners - A song for Jay
Natural Law - To play
Mel - Inner demons
ohbliv - Overcast
Cookies & Cream - Changes
ohbliv - Everlasting
Family Tree - Family Tree
Karin Jones - Here i go again
Deodato - Bustop
Manfredo Fest - Jungle cat
Edgar Winter - Abover & Beyond
Cliff Dawson - I can love you
First Choice - Party lights
Lionel Hamspton - Stoned out of my mind
Moussa Doumba - Samba