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The Swap Meet 2 August 2020

Jubt and guest Apera spin some new finds and classic funky oldies

O'Donnell Levy - Never can say goodbye
Thesda - Bongo Lumbo
Howard Johnson - House on Elm Street
Kamaal Williams - One more time
Makaya McCraven - Everybody cool
Weather Report - River people
The Roots - Proceed II
New York City - haqng in head in shame
Yellow Sunshine - Don't tell me me later girl
Maze - While I'm alone
Darondo - Did'nt I
Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector
Khruangbin - Time (You & I)
Jonny Tobin - Sunrise
Sha-lor - I'm in love
Motor city Ensemble - Send a prayer pt 1
The Bar Kays - Too hot to stop
Trio Temura - A Gira
Linkiwood & Foat - Pressure
Greg Foat - Symphonie paciique
Rose - Roses
Rare Essence - Body Move
Colors - Pay me back my love
Fonda Rae - Heobah (Hey-o-bah)
Lamonut Dozer - Shout about it
Klique - betters times
The Crusaders - Serenity
Black Knight - Funky cat
Wayne Carter - Wahoo wahoo wahoo
Ruben Wilson - together you & me
Jimmy Castor - Draculra
Arito Fogo - 1973 carmen Ave