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The Swap Meet 15 May 2022

It's a jam-packed show this rainy sunday, with us laying down a bunch of Stevie Wonder classics to celebrate Steveland Morris's 72nd birthday on Friday, hour two we have the exclusive broadcast radio debut of Dujon Cullingford's Electric Aotearoa mix, a 100% Aotearoan take on Electro, Boogie and Synth-pop. In hour three we take you to church with some 80's boogie gospel. #mosoul!

Stevie Wonder - Do yourself a favour
Syreeta - I love every little thing about you
Stevie Wonder - Black Man
Stevie Wonder - Love light in flight
Stevie Wonder - Do I do
Fuzzy Haskins - Woman
Cleo McNutt - Snap
George Duke - Feels so good
Herbs - Durham Lane
IQU - Witchcraft
The Rapture - Prey for tomorrow
Snap - Sidewalk City (Dance mix)
Marching Orders - The Dancer
Koo De Tah - Body talk
SPK - Crime of passion
Richard James Burgess - Breathless (Extended version)
In Style - Baby, now that I found you (Dance version)
Tom Ludvigson - Uallang Jnr
Obscure Desire - 4A
Schtung - Swimming
Howard Morrison - Ain't never seen a white man
Martin Kealey - Imagery and sound
John O'Connor - Dawn sky
Noel Connolly and Annie Crummer - Pacific zone
The Dynamics - Brother on the slide
DeLouie Avant Jr - Baby I'm scared of you
Say She She, Priya Malik - Forgt me not
Jade - Music slave
Bert Cross - You're the one
Michael Trammel & Blest - I coulda shoulda woulda
Sanders & Co. - Are you ready
The Gospel Seekers - We're gonna have a time
Ricky Womack & Christian Essence - I need you
Lorez Alexandria - Send in the clowns