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The Swap Meet 14 March 2021

It's all about that forthcoming Mara TK LP "Bad Meditation" for the first hour - we run the damn thing - and rewind a few future classics from it. Go immediately over to his Bandcamp and pre-order it now! The album drops May 7th.

Hour two we are blessed with a 45s mix from Mr Campbell Ngata, with some crucial stuff, and round it our with some funky classics. Guest: Forrest Bump. 

Gary Burton - Las Vagas Tango
Hugo Montenegro - Too High
Mara TK - Highly Medicated
Mara TK - All I Do
Mara TK - Grrrl
Mara TK - Te Kete Aronui
Mara TK - Grew up inna chaos
Mara TK - Bad Medication
Mara TK - Colours
Mara TK - Moon Song
Mara TK - Every Hori is a star
Mara TK - Met at the river
Mara TK - Toroa
Mara TK - Highly Medicated
Julien Dyne - Stained Class (Feat Mara TK)
She - Easy Money
Friends - Mystery Music
The Capperells - Close your eyes
5 Miles Out - Set your mind free
Creative funk - Moving world
Bill - Space Lady
Fay Hill - I know who you should see
Johnny Hammond - Shifting gears
The Gaturs - Gatur Bait
The Strangers - Step outof my dream