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SJD - Unshine

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The Rhythm Selection: 30th May, 2022

Reggae Reissues Round-up

The Rulers - Don't Be Rude
Roy Panton & Los Caballeros Orchestra - Control Your Temper
Winston & George - Keep The Pressure On
The Soul Lads - I'm Yours Forever
Clifton Smith & The Diamonds - Bring Back The Love
The Overtakers - Girl You Ruff
The Race Fans - Bookie Man
The Conquerors - Look Pon You
The Versatiles - Trust The Book
The Selectors - Want Your Love
The Natives - Live It Up
The Gladiators - I'll Take You To The Movies
Derrick Morgan & George Dekker - Johnny Pram Pram
Keith & Tex - Down The Street
Hugh Malcolm - Good Time Rock
Erroll Brown - Rema Skank
The Dingle Brothers - Sergeant Major
The Wrigglers - The Cooler
The Versatiles - Push It In
Clifton Smith & The Diamonds - Stop My Little Baby Stop
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Soul Style
King Cannon - What Happen Man
The Harmonians - Music Street
The Bleechers - Come In To My Parlour
Mr Foundation - Timo Oh
The Inspirations - Man Oh Man
The Conquerors - You Hold The Handle
The Conscious Minds - Something New
Black & George - Candy Lady
The Gaylads - Same Thing
Jackie Mittoo - One Step Beyond
The Royals - Pick Out Me Eye
The Professionals - Fort Augustus Rock
Freddie McKay - Bring Back The Good Old Days