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Bailter Space - Woke Up

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The Rhythm Selection: 28th September, 2020

The Tartans - It's Not Right
Clive & Doreen - What Can I Do
Roy & Enid - Rocking Time
Glen Brown - Collie & Wine
The Supersonics - Sweet Lorna
The Termites - What Can I Do
The Conquerors - Look Pon You
The Gladiators - Live Wire
Zoot Simms - We Can Talk It Over
Peter Austin - A Man Needs A Woman
Brentford All Stars - Race Track
Lloyd & Glen - Feel Good Now
The Good Guys - In Like Flint
The Tennors - Cleopatra
Rita Marley - Play Play Play
Larry Marshall - Money Gal
Delano Stewart - Win Your Love
Peter Austin & Hortense Lewis - Bang Shang Alang
Val Bennett & The Caribbeats - Scandal
Sound Dimension - Walk Don't Run
The Paragons - Same Song
Keith & Tex - Let Me Be The One
Winston Francis - Chain Gang
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Botheration
The Viceroys - Promises
Winston Harris - Reggae A Go Go
The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville Version
Dennis Walks - Having A Party
The Cables - What Kind Of World
Tony King & Ranny Williams - Rent Too High
The Kingstonians - Love Is The Greatest Science
The Meditators - Look Who A Bust Style
The Young Souls - Man-A-Wail