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DJ Chrysalis - Capacity feat. Butterfly69

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The Rhythm Selection 27th January, 2017

with guests Pitch Black & International Observer

Only A Dream (International Observer Dub) - Holiwater Band
Dub So Far - Tom Bailey
Port Antonio Dub - International Observer
It's The Future Knocking (International Observer's No Smoking Dub) - Pitch Black
House Of Strife (Paddy Free Dub) - Moana & The Tribe
Dub Smoke (Oicho Big Bad Mix) - Pitch Black
Transient Transmission (Deep Fried Dub Remix) - Pitch Black
It's The Future Knocking (Deep Fried Dub Remix) - Pitch Black
Change Your Mind (International Observer's Slack Mind Dub) - The Exponents
Space Warrior - Dub Salon
Seva Hi-Fi - Travelling
Banco De Gaia - The Princess And The Sky Goat