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The Avalanches - If I Was A Folkstar

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The Rhythm Selection: 25th May, 2020

Bob Andy - Desperate Lover
Hubert Lee - Night Owl
Tony Allen & Afrika 70 - African Message
Millie Small - Bluey Louey
Naggo Morris - Can't Take Su Su Pon Dread
Sizzla - Why Should I
Jah Mali - Long Long Time
The Crepe Souls - Let It Be Me
The Pioneers - Step By Step
Santic All Stars - Hell Boat
Conscious Minds - Good Mood
Lloyd Forrest - Where It's At
Dennis Brown - Set Your Little Heart Free
The Tidals - How Glad I Am
The Morwells - Trenchtown Way
Freddie McKay - It Get So Hot
The Mellolads - Mind Your Business
Dennis Brown - Blood Son
Dean Fraser - A Few Goes A Boasting
Errol Holt - Gimme Gimme
Star Plus Band - Free Base
Sam Bramwell - Ruling Time