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Eden Burns & Christopher Tubbs - The Siren's Song

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The Rhythm Selection: 24th January, 2022

Rocksteady & Boss 45s

The Rulers - Don't Be Rude
The Merritone Singers - Rude Boy A Wail
The Serafines - Rudies All Around
Roy Panton & Los Caballeros Orchestra - Control Your Temper
The Tartans - It's Not Right
Junior Smith - Cool Down Your Temper
Dudley Sibley - Run Boy Run
Dandy - We Are Still Rude
Dingle Brothers - Sergeant Major
Derrick Morgan & George Dekker - Johnny Pram Pram
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Way Back Home
Lyn Taitt & The Jets - Why Am I Treated So Bad
The Natives - Live It Up
The Overtakers - Girl You Ruff
Clive & Doreen - What Can I Do
The Sensations - Long Time Me No See You Girl
The Termites - Shake It Up
Ewan & Jerry - You've Got Something
Errol Brown - Rema Skank
The Soulettes - Play Play Play
The Gladiators - I'll Take You To The Movies
Hemsley Morris - Stay Loose
Vic Taylor - My Heart Aches
The Soul Lads - I'm Yours Forever
The Wrigglers - The Cooler
Laxton Ford - Rough Life
The Versatiles - Trust The Book
King Cannon - What Happen Man
The Jolly Boys - Do Fe Do
Rupie Edwards & The Virtues - Let Me Love You
The Bleechers - Come Into My Parlour
Roy & Enid - Reggae For Days
The Kingstonians - Nice Nice