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Stone Alliance - Vaya Mulatto

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The Rhythm Selection: 22nd November, 2021

Live in the bFM studio

Ewan & Jerry - You've Got Something
The Versatiles - Trust The Book
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Way Back Home
Laxton Ford - Rough Life
Hemsley Morris - Stay Loose
The Beltones - Soul People
Rupie Edwards & The Virtues - Let Me Love You
The Dingle Brothers - Sergeant Major
The Jolly Boys - Do Fe Do
Roy & Enid - Reggae For Days
King Cannon - Wha' Happen Man
Sound Dimension - Jamaica Bag
The Eternals - Push Me In The Corner
The Conquerors - You Hold The Handle
Black & George - Candy Lady
The Untouchables - Cool Down
Maxy Smith - 2,000 Years Ago
Sammy Davis & The Supernatural Six - Soft Hand
Gregory Isaacs - Innocent People Cry
The Soul Defenders - Still Calling
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Fort Augustus Rock
Family Man - Robbery With Aggrovation
The Living Truth - A Special Festival
The Interns - Freedom
The Silvertones - When Knotty Came
Fire Kings - Poor Man Cry
Dobby Jones - The Wrong They Do
Lloyd Jones & The Supernatural Six - Red In A Babylon