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The Rhythm Selection: 14th August, 2017

Rudeboy Special

The Ethiopians - I'm Gonna Take Over Now
The Wailing Wailers - I Am Going Home
The Merritone Singers - Rude Boy A Wail
The Wailers - Good Good Rudie
Stranger Cole & The Seraphines - Rudies All Around
Keith McCarthy - Everybody Rude Now
Junior Smith - Cool Down Your Temper
The Termites - We Gonna Make It
Dennis Brown - Johnny Too Bad
The Clarendonians - What A Bam Bam Medley
Mr Foundation - See Them A Come
The Wailers - Let Him Go
Derrick Morgan - Tougher Than Tough
Dandy - We Are Still Rude
Derrick Morgan - Judge Dread In Court
Prince Buster - Barrister Pardon
Lee Perry & The Sensations - Run For Cover
Honey Boy Martin - Dreader Than Dread
Alton Ellis & The Flames - Cry Tough
The Maytals - Bam Bam
The Pioneers - Me Little But Me Tallawah
The Valentines - Blam Blam Fever
Slim Smith - The New Boss
Derrick Morgan - Conquering Ruler
The Slickers - You Can't Win
Dudley Sibley - Run Boy Run
The Untouchables - Cool Down
The Itals - Rude Boy Train
The Kingstonians - Hold Down
Dandy - Rudie A Message To You