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The One to Four with Sigrid: May 21, 2020

John Psathas - View From Olympus: No. 4, Fragments
Motte - Give It To Me
Aldous Harding - Party
Sarah Mary Chadwick - I Just Came To Pray
Amamelia - Sad and Lonely feat. Junny
Bic Runga - Andmoreagain
Hybrid Rose - PLAZTIQUE feat. Georgie Kirton
Fanau Spa - Clox
Diggy Dupe - Keke Boy
SWIDT - No Emotions In The Wild
Richard Nunns & Whirimako Black - Taku Rakau
Trinity Roots - Home, Land & Sea
Che Fu - Hold Tight
Ardijah - Watchin U
The Coolies - Yr So 1960s
Las Tetas - I Wanna Be Your Dog (In Session Live at Roundhead)
Flesh D-Vice - Transmission
Skeptics - Felt Up
Look Blue Go Purple - Codeine
The Human Instinct - Black Sally
Repairs - Last Chances
Kraus - Dish of Silver Full of Blood
SPOOKYSOFT - Lost In The Woods
Roy Montgomery - das Wartezimmer (for Florian Schneider)
Jeff Henderson, Mark Lockett, Richard Nunns - Revival
Manuel Darquart - It's a Dub
Peach Milk - Antipode
Liam K. Swiggs - RALLY JNGL X VIP
christoph el' truento - is good
Dr Tree - Affirmation
Aron Ottignon & Myele Manzanza - I'm Moving On (Live)
Jonathan Crayford, Ben Street & Dan Weiss - Subito
CHAII - Trouble
PollyHill - Rare View feat. LB
Shiraz & LSJ - Lean & Rock
Scizzorhands - Need A Friend feat. Kevin Posey
Benny Salvador - 3 Dimensions
End Boss - Queen of the Sky
Womb - Used To Be
Ryan Fisherman - How Cool