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Hahko - Loving You (Hold Me Back)

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The One to Four with Sigrid: January 09, 2020

Eliza McCarthy & Mica Levi - Diamond Gun
Eartheater - Peripheral
Croatian Amor & Varg II - Gods Face In The Water
Rudiger Lorenz - New Atlantis
Duster - Ghost World
McLusky - Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues
Gnoomes - Irma
Bbymutha - Blood Moon Glamour Spell
badsista - Soca Sem Parar ft. MC Morena
Wisdom Teeth - Lurka x Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Lurkz
Air Max '97 - Resurface
Moses Sumney - Me In 20 Years
Raiza Biza - City Girl feat. Embher [Edseven Remix]
Klein Zage - Absolutely
Jayda G - Heaven Could Be Lately
Womb - When the Night Breaks Up [Shishi Remix]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - SB-07 Pt.1
Andrew Pekler - Approximate Bermeja
Jorge Degas & Marcelo Salazar - Ilha Grande
Asha Puthli - Tum Buley O
Guardian Singles - Tea Lights Exploding
The Schizophonics - In Mono
Shopping - Initiative
Jorge Elbrecht - Corpse Flower
First Move - Badland
Sarah Mary Chadwick - When Will Death Come
Nat Lover - Tūāpapa feat. Raiza Biza
DJ Python - Chalet
NRG - I Need Your Love
The Bug - Skeng
Sporting Life - Under Armour feat. AKAI SOLO
Oli XL - DnL
Rezzett - Doyce
Angelo Ioakimoglu - 550vortex
Eartheater - Claustra