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The One to Four with Pennie Black: October 12, 2020

TRAAMS - Intercontinental Radio Waves
Rebel Truce - The Man Inside
39 Clocks - Psycho Beat
Algebra Suicide - Little Dead Bodies
imugi 이무기 - y u always actin like a fool feat. Church & AP
Eden Burns - Big Beat Manifesto
Cerrone - Supernature (Edit)
CHAI - Donuts Mind If I Do
Droor - Waiting Our Lives Away
Smokescreens - Working Title
Garageland - Kiss It All Goodbye
Lina Tullgren / NTHNL - Lift
Public Memory - Midsummer Shadow
Soft Palms - Bone Dry
Na Noise - Dance With Me
Playthings - Sit Down
Phoebe Rings - Cheshire
A Blunt Jester - Nigh' Night
Deerhoof - Love-Lore 2 [Knight Rider/Raymond Scott/Mauricio Kagel/Eddie Grant/Gary Numan Covers]
Vanessa Worm - Tiny Revolutions
Church & AP - ROLLIT feat. deadforest & Highlace
Sneaks - Slightly Sophicated
Wax Chattels - Mindfulness
Skinny Girl Diet - Dimethyltriptamine
Eartheater - Diamond in the Bedrock
Cocteau Twins - Ivo
Amamelia - Dancing MMMM
Bon Iver - Jelmore
Townes Van Zandt - Waitin' Around To Die
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Brand New Friend
Goat Girl - Sad Cowboy
Off The Meds - Wena
Primal Scream - Shoot Speed Kill Light
Carnivorous Plant Society - Francoise Hardy
Kenny Sterling - Lady Red
Troy Kingi - Through My Venetians
The Sugarcubes - Fucking in Rhythm and Sorrow
Mermaidens - Satsuma
Sorry - Right Round The Clock
The Swingers - One Good Reason