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The One to Four with Pennie Black: 23 May, 2022

All music from Aotearoa. ALL THE TIME

Danse Macabre - Conditioner
Ringlets - Feeling of the Body
The Sneaks - Kuzai Heart You Girl
Surf Friends - You've Got To Know
The Stones - Down And Around
BUB - Jeez Louise
Best Bets - Wrong Side Of The Sun
La De Das - Don't You Stand In My Way
Cootie Cuties - I Miss You But I Hate You
Samara Alofa - B.T.T.G
Coco Solid - Architecture
Satin Sheets - see/D
pickle darling - Achieve Lift
Noah Slee - COMPLICIT feat. Pnksand, Mike Nasa
Estère - The Climate In Your Skull
Bailey Wiley - Sugar feat. MELODOWNZ
TE KAAHU - Pai Maarire
Erny Belle - Burning Heaven
Michael James Keane - Inside
Local Tourist - Colors
Phoebe Rings - January Blues
T.G. Shand - Golden Hour
The Golden Awesome - Sooner and Later
Vanessa Worm - Bones and Blood
The Pin Group - Columbia
1995 - A Red Forest
Grecco Romank - Dog Head
This Kind Of Punishment - From the Diary of Hermann Doubt
The New Things - Vintage Nerd (Gravy)
Night Lunch - Scary Car
The Mint Chicks - Licking Letters
No Broadcast - Away
Soft Plastics - Day Job
Die! Die! Die! - Trinity
Ghost Wave - Horsemouth
Na Noise - Goodnight Na Noise [Redux]
Ray Woolf & The Avengers - Little Things That Happen
The Cavemen - Juvenile Delinquent
King Loser - Pretty Pretty
The Brunettes - Polyester Meets Acetate
Look Blue Go Purple - Safety In Crosswords