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Tzusing - 孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)

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The One To Four with Gin: January 23, 2018

Featuring three tracks from the excellent 'Threesome (Remixed)' Buttering Trio album, Will LV, Dj Kush Boogie, Jun Kamoda and Dibek to name just a few.

Machinedrum - Gunshotta
Moni Mendoza - Feelings
Buttering Trio - Unexperienced (Asaf Shay & Nomak Remix)
Will LV - Nina
Buttering Trio - Wait (Shuzin Remix)
Prince - Sign O' The Times
XL Middleton - City Where I Roam feat: Moniquea
Hallelujah Picassos - Happy Smile
Marlon Williams - What's Chasing You
Hans Pucket - Fuck My Life
The D4 - Rebekah (live to air)
Sibu & Joe Nagall - Aworan
DJ Kush Boogie - Get It
For the Girl Who Has Everything - Wet Lip Hope
Kane Strang - Not Quite
Guy One - Estre (feat. Florence Adooni)
Dibek - So Good, No Good feat: Genoveva
Buttering Trio - The Runner (Suff Daddy Remix)
Populous - Alala
Transistor - Waiting To Be Free
beatboxbandit - Don't Fight The Feeling
Playboi Carti - Flex (feat. Leven Kali)
Mr Amish - U GOT IT BABE
Joe Bananas - Flyaway
Ohney - Ahren Wyde
Executive Zone - Upskill All Normies
Mashrou' Leila - Djin (Jonny Rock Remix)
Headless Chickens - Gaskrankinstation
Alex Cameron - Marlon Brando
Roy Irwin - Storm
Fletcher Valentine - Veteran Boy
ENO X DIRTY - Shampoo and Conditioner
Jun Kamoda - Dopey Forests
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Mean Son Of A Gun
Kody Nielson - Bic's Birthday
Quintron - Waterfall
Mad Macumba - Tus Ojos