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The One To Four with Gin: August 3, 2021

North Satellite - Evil
Peter Jahn - Abenteuer überm Schrank
MMYYKK - Divine
Magugu - Independent Queen
Fox - It's Time
I Jahbar - Snapbacks
Magugu - Bad Guys
Space Ghost - Emotional Healer
Mark Seven - Jam On Joy
Phoebe Rings - Spissky
LIPS - I C U Wanna Know
Ade & Connan Mockasin - It's Just Wind
Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine
Mario y Sus Diamantes - Santo Domingo
The Bug - Clash feat. Logan_olm
Calibre & DRS - Badman
Lloyd Hemmings - Work To Do
Cale Sexton - Refurb
A Blunt Jester - Cat Door
Nato - Danzón
T. G. Shand - Lemony
Amyl and the Sniffers - Guided By Angels
Ty Segall - Night of the Vampire [Roky Erickson Cover]
TOOMS - Dead Bird
AP & Kamahumble - Heka Horcy
Merk - Deep Dive
Disasteradio - Drop The Bomb
Crate Classics - Rose Tinted Glasses
Amamelia - The F in FM Stands For Flute [Eyeliner Wonderland Mix]
NYX & Gazelle Twin - Fire Leap [Edit]
Dale Kerrigan - ripgirl101
Simply Rockers - Haze
Anika - Critical
Adelaide Cara - Radiant
Nice Girl - Ipsum
Anthonie Tonnon - The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
Cody Currie - When The Time Is Right