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Rick James - Superfreak

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The One To Four With Bridge, Weds 31 May 2017

An all-Aotearoa show, for the final day of NZ Music Month, 2017 ~

(including some local ghosts in the mixer at the start of the show... hang tight though!)

Voodoo Chile - Tricksta (Voodoo Version)
Connan Mockasin - She Lives In My Lap
For The Girl Who Has Everything - (new demo 2)
Blue Cheese - pig, you killed me
Kraus - Why Oh Why
Lion Dixon - BALL IS LIFE 2
Nikolai - rico
Yayné - Do Me Right, Do Me Wrong
.hans. - better
Baby Lexus - Baby Girl (DJ Fiend-X's Balmain Mix)
Creami Mami - squekyshanti
Surly - wait til the stick comes
MEER - Mango
¡recuerde! - The Walk
Sam Perry - 04
Negative Pulse Logic - Block Hisser
Kimmy - 666 Laps
Cave Circles - Warm Cuzzy
The Movement Trust - E.V.O.
Jaded Nineties Raves - LAHLAWBC
Upper Hutt Posse - E Tu
Borrowed CS - pony
Ladi6 - Guru
Leonard Charles - Together
Rob Thorne & Fis - Wooden Lung
Tei. - I'm A Soy Chai Latte (feat. Doswami & Rodriguez)
Kevn Spacey - wiles drems
petrichor - liquid dreams
christoph el' truento - tonalism2
Wet Nurses Of Sodom - Epispasm
SIsters Undergound - In The Neighbourhood (Pacifican Wave Mix)