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Emma-Jean Thackray - Say Something

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The 95bFM Top Ten: Wednesday October 7, 2020

JessB - Bullseye
Moodymann - Cotton 4 Daze
Loraine James - Don't You See It? (feat. Jonnine Standish)
Kenny Sterling - Lady Red
Darrell Banks - Open the Door to Your Heart
Borrowed cs - Digital Science
Hoisin Sauce - U Licky
OTTO - Spirit Theme
50ok - For a Girl
Cootie Cuties - Freebleeder
Palberta - Something in the Way
Anna McClellan - Desperate
Róisín Murphy - Jealousy
Chicken I.D. - Lockdown Sucks Sometimes
Nicky Flowers - Pepper Spray a Cop
Kitty - 12th House
Club 8 - Karen
Candy Claws - Into the Deep Time (One Sun)
Hydroplane - The Love You Bring
P.H.F. - Marlboro Man
CHAI - Donuts Mind If I Do
Pom Poko - My Candidacy
imugi 이무기 - y u always actin like a fool feat. Church & AP
Ninjirachi - Alight
Johnny Nash - Don't Take Away Your Love
Jonathan Richman - I'm Just Beginning To Live
Amamelia - Dancing MMMM
Die! Die! Die! - I Seek Misery