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The 95bFM Top Ten: Wednesday July 1, 2020

Covid Colab - Counting Down the Days
Katie Dey - Dancing
Sexus - The Official End of it all
Les Rita Mitsouko - Un Soir un Chien
Diggy Dupé - CT&T
Hummucide - Reacher
Lola's Pocket PC - All the Hand-Made Gifts We Planned to Make
Miss World - iPhone 11
Soft Plastics - My World : Your Girl
Zilo - On a Wave
Dick Move - Ladies Night
Yuri Urano - Cyclamene
Vanessa Worm - Heaven to Hell [Eden Burns Remix]
4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy (Radio Edit)
A Blunt Jester - Trip to the Kitchen
Dead Famous People - Goddess Of Chill
Demis Roussos - I Dig You
Baby Zionov - Sudoku Class feat. Chansey
MoMA Ready - An Exorcism
Hospital Sports - Life Support