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The 95bFM Top Ten: Wednesday January 6, 2020

pickle darling - Spin Cycle/Nicolas Cage
Church & AP - MUSTBE feat. Aiden Fine
Stereolab - Lo Boob Oscillator
PollyHill - Mentors
Proux - Grape Crush
Shame - Snow Day
Madlib - Road of the Lonely Ones feat. Kieran Hebden & J-Zone
JANG - White Hell
Molly Burch - Emotion feat. Wild Nothing
Fimo - You Love Me
A.C. Freazy - Drip Dry Eyes
Emily Edrosa - Circle Of Love [Steve Miller Band Cover]
Cootie Cuties - Panic Attack
Voom - King Kong
Recitals - Tongue
Scott Mannion - Do It For You