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Talking Heads - Crosseyed And Painless

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The 95bFM Top 10: Wednesday May 24, 2023

So So Modern - Berlin
Totems - devilman69
Dimmer - Under The Liggt
Fable - Popstar In Manix
Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer
Jujulipps - Saucy
caru - OUTLAW
Delaney Davidson, Marlon Williams - Travelling Creature
Ringlets - I Used to Paint
The Mint Chicks - Real Friends
Jazmine Mary - Wet Mouth
Jim Nothing - Fall Back Down
K M T P - Home
Erny Belle - Nuclear Bombs
D.C. Maxwell - The Leading Man
Lawrence Arabia - Early Kneecappings
Vera Ellen - Crack The Whip
The Sour - Drinking on a Sunday [Demo]
Liam Finn - Better To Be
Pickle Darling - A Deep Breath
CINDY - Best Part
Toy Love - Squeeze
Sure Boy - What You Do When You're Alright