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The 95bFM Kids' Show: Sunday June 11

Crazy show this week! Pancake Count got up to 15, and the newly-introduced Toast Count got up to 4. Lots of calls about birthday parties, fishing, and odd toppings on pancakes.

So many calls and texts - thanks everyone!


Roald Dahl - The Magic Finger (read by Helen Lederer)
Pyrates! - Chicken On a Raft
Levity Beet - Voodoo Onesie Dance Party Lullaby
Marshall Cavendish - Jack & the Beanstalk
Marshall Cavendish - Shubiki's Hat
Mike Phirman - In Your Biz
Kath Bee - Dad I Wanna Be A Camel
Moe & Friends - Another Year of You
Captain Festus McBoyle - Moolah
fleaBITE - The Skellingtons of Wellington
Kath Bee - Individuality
David Hollis - Toheroa Twist
Captain Festus McBoyle - Jack Spratt
fleaBITE - Chihuahua Song
Eddie Arnold with Daughter Jo-Ann - The Horse In Striped Pajamas
Jimmy Boyd/Gayla Peevy - Kitty In A Basket
Tanya Batt - The Giant's Heart
Marshall Cavendish - The Lord of the Rushie River (Part 1)
Charles Penrose - The Laughing Policeman
Moe & Friends - Do the Moe-Bot