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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 4 October 2020

Julia Donaldson - The Snail And The Whale
Marshall Cavendish - The Snow Bear
Itty Bitty Beats - The Space Pirate
Kath Bee - You Can Be You
Anika Moa - Chop Chop Hiyaaa!
Mike Phirman - You've Got What It Takes
Lauren Child - I Will Be Especially Very Careful
They Might Be Giants - Letter Shapes
Levity Beet - The Wheels on the Bus They Don't Go Round
Fatcat & Fishface - Before The Humans Came
The KaRs - The Manners Song
Bunny Racket - Jingle Jangle Jaguar
The Aunties - Tangaroa
Mr Roberelli - The Creepy Crawley Crew
Kath Bee - Dad I Wanna Be A Camel
Belle & Sebastian - The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo
Bobby & The Boysters - Build A House
Fatcat & Fishface - Bat Fly
Peter, Paul & Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon
Bergman Broom Haywire Ensemble - 69 Million Years
Franz Ferdinand - Jackie Jackson
Fatcat & Fishface - Holiday
Mike Phirman - Use Your Imagination