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Baitercell Meets Subware - Highway Patrol [Pilsman Mix - Funk]

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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 28 October 2018

A not-so-spooky Halloween Kids' Show was made SO MUCH MORE SPOOKY by the amazing performances by some very spooky callers! Also thank you VERY much to Anna Van Riel and Kath Bee for calling up to talk about Anna's new album, Fishing for Stars, and the song they've done together called Give Love at Christmas, which will also be on the album! 

Enid Blyton - Five on a Treasure Island (Ch 9 & 10)
Eddie Spaghetti - Wake Up, Wake Up
Egad Mildred - Allis the Little Tractor Farmyard Song
Petite Music Box - Caravan Master
Rainbow Rosalind - Spinning 'Round
Anna van Riel - Spooky Groove
John Williamson - Old Man Emu
Marshall Cavendish - Lord of the Rushie River (part 1)
Ron Valente - Frog Song
Mike Phirman - Cat Cat Frog Frog
Poppet Stars - Fishing
Craig Smith - Willbee The Bumblebee
Heather Mansfield - Volcano
Fleabite - Liver Lover
Captain Festus McBoyle - Gums
Anika Moa - Chop Chop Hiyaaa!