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LIPS - I C U Wanna Know

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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 24 May 2020

Nice to get a bit of rain! 

For New Zealand music week we played a bunch of the finalists for the NZ Children's Music Awards, which will be streaming live on TV2+1 on Friday, 29th May at 3pm.

Duncan Morrison - Jasper the Puppy
Tanya Battt - Chickira Queen of the Chickens
Eddie Spaghetti - Wake Up, Wake Up
Big Al Ammo - Tony the Tiny Pony
The Moe Show - Another Year of You
Aro - Korimako
Captain Festus McBoyle - Bubble Song
Kath Bee - I Love Life
Te Radar - Peter and the Wolf
The Nukes - Worms