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Troy Kingi - Shake that Skinny Ass [Live for UTR's Trash Recital]

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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 18 July 2021

Super mid-holidays rainy weekend show! We continue with Five on a Treasure Island, chat about Squishmallows and talk about what we like to do on a rainy weekend. Also thanks so much to Neve and Esme for another fabulous Stuff We Like!

Pancake count: 11

Enid Blyton - Five on atreasure island (ch 7-8)
Worms - The Nukes
Claudia Gunn - One More Story
Ron Valente - Frog Song
Capt Festus McBoyle - Zombies Lament
FleaBITE - Probably Papakura
Pyrates! - Chicken on a raft
Tanya Batt - Chickira,Queen of the Chickens
Lauren Child - My Wobbly Tooth Must Never Fall Out