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Paul Weller - My Ever Changing Moods (BBC In Concert)

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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 15 September 2019

We finished the Ice Monster this week, yay! A break from a chapter book for a week or two and we'll have another short chapter book soon.

Big thanks to Chris Sanders for chatting with us about his new song, a Te Reo version of the Ambulance song, Tahi Tahi Tahi!


David Walliams - The Ice Monster (ch. 77 - 81)
Eddie Spaghetti - Wake Up, Wake Up
The Moe Show - Another Year of You
Dan & Dani - Do The Dinosaur Stomp!
Itty bitty beats - 10 Little Kiwi Birds
Marshall Cavendish - The Scarlet Braces
Chris Sanders - Tahi Tahi Tahi
Tanya Batt - Bike-A-Rella
Mike Phirman - In Your Biz
Eardrop - Hipi
John Williamson - Old Man Emu
Ron Valente - Frog Song
Levity Beet - Little Blue
Little City Critters - Monstomping!