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Moana and the Tribe - Āio ana feat. Mari Boine

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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 15 November 2020

Thanks so much to Chris Sanders for giving us a call to talk to us about his new song he's made together with the Auckland Philarmonic Orchestra, The Teddy Bear Song!

A late breaking entry to the pancake count means we hit 11 for this week!

Michael Bond - Paddington Bear - (Readby Bernard Cribbens) - part1
Little Ripple - Haere Mai ki te Whariki
Julie Wylie & Grant Wylie - Pirates Like Sailing on the Deep Blue Sea
The Jungle Book - I Wanna' Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
Art Gilmore - Diana and The Golden Apples
Mr Roberelli - Hills of Assisi
Marshall Cavendish - Gobbolino
FleaBITE - Camilla the Cranefly
The Goon Show - Ying Tong Song
David Hollis - A Tremulous Tamarillo