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The 95bFM Kids' Show - 15 April 2018

Lee's back after a couple of weeks break! Thanks so much to Tania McCartney for chatting with us about her beautiful new book See Hear.

Mordecai Richler - Jacob Two-Two meets The Hooded Fang part 1
Eddie Spaghetti - Wake Up, Wake Up
Itty Bitty Beats - Ellie The Elephant
Levity Beet & Daniel Stryczek - There's One in the Bush
Dan & Dani - Do The Dinosaur Stomp!
Anika Moa - Animals In My Room
The Moe Show - We Like Pets
Marshall Cavendish - Musicians of Bremen
John Williamson - Old Man Emu
Max Bygraves - Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellenbogen by the Sea
Mike Phirman - Use Your Imagination
Kath Bee - Save It Up
Captain Festus McBoyle - The Little Things (old)
Dan & Dani - Do The Dinosaur Stomp!