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Tanya Batt - The Giant's Heart

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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 13 June 2021

Robert Dann - Flick, The Fire Engine
Brian Blessed - Jack & the Beanstalk
Tom Baker - William Tell
Moe & Friends - Back Yourself feat. Jason Kerrison
Fleabite - What Does Music Smell Like
Alan Gregg - Elevator Up, Elevator Down
Anika Moa - A Haka Ma
Barcelona Pavilion - Tidy Up Tidy Up (edit)
Bergman Broom Haywire Ensemble - 69 Million Years
The Muppets - Mahna Mahna
Fatcat & Fishface - Before The Humans Came
Kath Bee - At The Library
Craig Smith - Scariest Thing In The Garden
Dan & Dani - Do The Dinosaur Stomp!
Bunny Racket - Jingle Jangle Jaguar
Mike Phirman - Use Your Imagination
Our Dinosaur Friends - Allosaurus
Claudia Gunn - One More Story
Raymond McGrath - The Friendship Song
Alan Gregg - Grandma Says Oo-hoo!
Petite Music Box - Caravan Master
Bobby and the Bonsters - 5 Coconuts
Kath Bee - Save It Up
Captain Festus McBoyle - Moolah