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The 95bFM Kids' Show: 13 December 2020

Thanks to the wonderful Finn for this week's show!

Next week: it's the Xmas show!


The Front Lawn - Who Is Sleepy Now?
Marshall Cavendish - The Pied Piper of Hamlyn
Captain Festus McBoyle - Cheeky Little Monkey
Kath Bee & Suzy Cato - Sprinkle A Little Sunshine
Dan & Dani - Do The Dinosaur Stomp!
Judi Cranston - A Pirates Life
Alan Gregg - Grandma Says Oo-hoo!
Chanelle Davis - If I Was a Fuzzy Buzzy Bumblebee
Kath Bee - Dad I Wanna Be A Camel
Mr Roberelli - L-I-B-R-a-R-Y
The Topp Twins - She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
Eardrops - Kaipoutāpeta - Postie (feat. Naomi Toilalo & Matu Ngaropo)
Duncan Morrison - Beauty is in the eye
Rebecca Larsen - Hoe, Hoe, Hoea te Waka
Fleabite - Chihuahua Song
Levity Beet - Voodoo Onesie Dance Party Lullaby
Mr Roberelli - Brave Robbie
Mike Phirman - What Makes the Breakfast?
Little City Critters - I am not afraid of the dark
Little City Critters - I Like Chasing Butterflies
Bunny Racket - Jingle Jangle Jaguar
Dan & Dani - A Spider Looking at Me
Fleabite - Don't Sit Under the Poo Tree
Fleabite - What Does Music Smell Like
Astrid Southon - The Monsters Follow You song
Keith Mitchell - The Ginger Cat
Chanelle & Friends - I Can Dance It
Anika Moa - Little Bird
Anika Moa - Chop Chop Hiyaaa!
Levity Beet - Rock n' Roll Zombie