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Stinky Grooves: Tuesday August 10, 2021

Alpine Sound - King's Recreation - Alpine Sound King's Recreation
Stinky Jim - Flingers & Flayers
Emerson Kitamura - どこゆくの Doko Yukuno
Holy Tongue - And Your Camp Shall Be Sacred
Holy Tongue - Curse Removing
Yeahman & El Buho - Lecce 74
Astros de Mendoza - Lamento en la selv
Astros de Mendoza + Tropikore - La danza de los mirlos
Contento - Al Lao´Del Río
Jaguar - Contra La Corriente
Kurup - Caligo
The Secret Soul Society x Hardway Bros - Yo, We've Landed (Hardway Bros Remix Redux)
Kasper Bjørke - Viewwws
Sasa Crnobrnja - Adhering Dust
Time Cow & Giark - Scoring
Museum Of Love - Cluttered World
Daniel Avery - Hazel And Gold
Richard Norris - In Flight
Rex Ronny + DJ Sotofett - Thermoplastic Flush
Psychedelic Digestion Therapy - Kartoffel Garten
Miss Leading - Between Chances
Rat Heart - (Track 7)
Margee - Wrong Dream (Hardway Bros Cosmic Intervention)
Local Suicide - This Is Iptamenos Discos
Vivien Goldman - Next Is Now
Rat Heart - (Track 4)
Lara Nuh - La Viseral
Dot Allison - Cue the Tears
Bobby Gillespie & Jehnny Beth - Your Heart Will Always Be Broken
Alan Vega - River of No Shame
The Liminanas + Laurent Garnier - Que Calor ! (Edit)
Karl Steven - Freedom Bells
The Diabolical Liberties - Dub the Skies of America
Red Snapper - Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise remix)
Rex Ronny + DJ Sotofett - Segmented Aether