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MJ Lenderman - She's Leaving You

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Stew w/ Eli: January 20, 2023

Stew #31 and the first of 2023. A little sloppy in places, but it's good to be back in the home slot. Thank you all for your enduring support ðŸ’š

The Smashing Pumpkins - Drown
The Zenmenn - The Magic Eye
Cold World - Fifty Fifty Clown
Decisive Pink, Kate NV, Deradoorian - Haffmich Holiday
Slaughter Beach, Dog - Are You There
Rosie Carney - dad
Burial, Four Tet - Nova
Mark System - Water Pressure
Adam Tukiri, Hor. - Out of It (feat. deadforest)
Varda - Intrusive Thoughts & Late Nights
Joy Orbison - 2M3 2U
Low End Activist - Amphibious Centurions (Logos Rebuild)
Caribou - Sun
DJ Dodger Stadium - One Who Lost
Chase Woods - Roaches
Recitals - The Pip (ABG Remix)
Brian Eno, John Cale - Spinning Away
poolblood - twinkie
El Michels AffairBlack Thought - Grateful
Vanessa Worm - Lost Memories
The Avalanches, Kurt Vile - Gold Sky
Jamie T - Sticks ‘N’ Stones
Papooz - Ann Wants to Dance
Third Nature - Dreamstate TÅ«Ä«
Modest Mouse - Gravity Rides Everything