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Saturday Morning Vice with Doc Sportello: January 28, 2023

Nora Brown - Cumberland Gap
Nora Brown - Jenny Put The Kettle On
Shira Small - My Life's All Right
Michael Hurley - I Paint a Design
The Lovin' Spoonful - Butchie's Tune
Paul & Linda McCartney - Heart of the Country
Judy Henske - High Flying Bird
The Zombies - What More Can I Do
Os Originais Do Samba - Canto Chorado
Clara Nunes - Tristeza Pe No Chao
Betinho - Planta Baixa
Leci Brandao - Cara Pintado
Gal Costa - Vatapa
Sonia Santos - Patria Amada
Leila Pinheiro - Tudo Em Cima
Sonny Khoeblal - Craziest
New World Music - Across the Water (Edit)
Benedek - Jak Moves
Kashif - Help Yourself to My Love
Teddy Mike - On Point
Eric Kol - You're My Solution
Mave & Dave - You Are Delicious
Ambient Warrior - Cajun Dub
Rita Lee & Roberto De Carvalho - Corre-Corre