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Saturday Afternoon with Sarah: August 26, 2017

There _are_ a fair few songs about phone calls, aren't there?

The KLF - Kylie Said To Jason
Childish Gambino - Riot
Pastor T.L. Barrett and The Youth For Christ Choir - Like a Ship
Sun Ra - Springtime Again
Liars - No Tree No Branch
Linda Laurie - Ambrose (Part 5)
Gang of Four - Cheeseburger
Dead Cross - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Steps - Your Burning Love
Killing Joke - Requiem
Disasteradio - Sweatshop
Chelsea Wolfe - Vex
Queen Neptune - Body House
Mina - Un bacio รจ troppo poco
Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation
Carole King - I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance
Bizarros - Lady Doubonette
Dionne Warwick - You Can Have Him
The Gun Club - My Dreams (Live)
The Gun Club - My Dreams
Akiko Wada - Free Soul
Magic Factory - Mother Nature
Blank Realm - Reach You on the Phone
The 5th dimension - The Girl's Song
MELODOWNZ - $on of a Queen (prod. Baccyard)
Tricky - Hell is Around the Corner
Nao - Bad Blood
Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime