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Carb on Carb - I Know The End 2

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Rhythm Selection on Monday 23rd Jan, 2017

The Pioneers - Money Day
Ken Parker - When You're Gone
The Rocking Horses - Play The Music
Winston Shan - Dungeon
Sound Dimension - Moon Walk
Vin Gordon - It's Your Thing (Instrumental)
Slim Smith - The Time Has Come
Burning Spear - Call On You
Gloria's All Stars - Jumping Dick
The Ethiopians - Drop Him
Pat Kelly - What Am I To Do
John Holt - I See Your Face
Blue Bells - Call Me Teacher
Jackie Mittoo - Totally Together
The Abyssinians - Yim-Mas-Gan
The Wailers - Ammunition
Peter Tosh - Legalize It Version
BUNNY WAILER - Battering Down Sentence Version
Justin Hinds & The Pioneers - Carry Go Bring Come
Tommy McCook - Tribute To Muhammad Ali
The Gladiators - Tribulation
Vin Gordon - Harbour View Rock
The Clarendonians - Lion Head
Gregory Isaacs - African Woman
Dennis Brown - At The Foot Of The Mountain
Ronnie Davis - No Weak Heart
Clancy Eccles - Hungry World