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Kae Tempest - Love Harder

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Psychic Glands: November 30, 2017

Pauline Anna Strom - Warriors of the Sun
Marc Barreca - Mobius Arch
Tape Loop Orchestra - And The Light Is Ours
Justin Walter - Following
Lake Mary - In The Garden (No Further Need)
Lau Nau - Unessa
The Simon Sisters - Who Has Seen The Wind
Richard & Mima Farina - Dandelion River
Leo Kottke - Orange Room
Raoul Vignal - Hazy Days
The Weather Station - Black Flies
Wendy & Bonnie - Endless Pathway
Laura Baird - Poor Orphan Child
Vashti Bunyan - Someday
Bobby Brown - The Boy A Sailor
Mia Doi Todd - Summer Lover
Case/Lang/Veirs - Honey and Smoke
Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Coral
Tom Rapp - Stardancer
Two Wings - You Say
The Diamond Family Archive - Spring Pt 2
Dredd Foole with MV & EE - Light at the Ditch of a Spoonful
Fotheringay - The Ballad of Ned Kelly
Doreen Kostynuik - Learning