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Psychic Glands: June 8, 2017

Melodia - Reverie
Aynur Dogan, Cemil Qocgiri, Salman Gambarov, Kayhan Kalhor - Xidire min (On my Khidir)
Baden Powell - Introducao Ao Poema Dos Olhos Da Amada
Francois Couturier & Tarkovsky Quartet - Daydream
Wooden Wand - One Can Only Love
Yorkston, Thorne, Khan - Halleluwah
Bing & Ruth - In This Ruined House
Gimmer Nicholson - Red and White Ship
Michael Stanwood / Bruce Bowers - Over the Waterfall
Bob Brown - Light of Children Come
House and Land - Ocarine
Karen Beth - Nothing Lasts
Ian William Craig - Purpose (Is No Country)
Lubomyr Melnyk - Sunshimmers
Twigs & Yarn - Strings of Complacency
Julie Byrne - I Live Now as a Singer
Pausal - Scatter