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Carb on Carb - Ok Bye

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Psychic Glands: February 2, 2017

Daniel Bachman - Brightleaf Blues I
Tamagawa Onkyo - Crimson Tree Part2
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - Persephone
Simon Scott - FloodLines.3
Sarah Davachi - Gentle So Gentle
Sean McCann - Labyrinth
Kate Carr - Things Did Seem Kind of Magical
Brigid Mae Power - Let Me Hold You Through This
Mica Levi - Burial
X. Y. R. - Obscure Silhouettes
Tom Carter - Carvedilol Cowboy
Chuck Johnson - Golden Rose at Dawn
Chuck Johnson - The Pace
Rod Poole - Kaleidoscopic Sunday
Stein Urheim - Water part 2
Scott Key - The Moonshiners Are Gone
Jandek - The Way That You Act
Washington Phillips - Mother's Last Word to Her Son